"Maslul Yashir Lemaster"

The "Maslul Yashir Lemaster" ("Direct to MSc") is a scholarship program meant to encourage exceptional students to take advanced courses in mathematics during their BSc studies. It provides a scholarship during their 6th (last) semester of study. The scholarship will be awarded to students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Exceptional study record (criteria shall be determined by the department, taking into account primarily the student's grades in core mathematics courses, as well as other grades).
  • The student shall take M.Sc. courses during their fifth and sixth semesters (at least 2 credits during semester five, and 4 credits during semester six), and postpone ("le'achsen") these credits for future M.Sc. studies.

Eligibility will be determined close to the start of the student's 6th semester.

The scholarship amount is 2,000 NIS per months for six months, and will be paid starting in March of the 6th semester of study.