Prof. Ron Livne

Manchester House 208
By appointment

Area of Interest:
Algebraic geometry, Modular forms, Diophantine equations.

Prof. Dan Mangoubi

Ross 84

Area of Interest:
Spectral Geometry, Geometry of Eigenfunctions, Harmonic functions - continuous and discrete, Analysis & PDEs.

Prof. Shahar Mozes

Advisor for M.Sc. studies
Manchester House 1
By appointment

Area of Interest:
Lie groups, Discrete subgroups, Ergodic theory.

Prof. Eran Nevo

Advisor for M.Sc. studies
Ross 58
By appointment

Area of Interest:
Combinatorics with connections to commutative algebra, topology, geometry and convexity.

Dr. Yuval Peled
Ross 67

Area of Interest:
Combinatorics, probability theory and topology. 

Prof. Tomer Schlank

Manchester House 304

Area of Interest:
Arithmetic geometry, Algebraic topology.

Prof. Zlil Sela

02-6586099 (as undergrad. advisor:
Ross 73

Area of Interest:
Low dimensional topology, Group theory.

Dr. Ari Shnidman

Manchester House 104

Area of Interest:
Number theory, arithmetic geometry, arithmetic statistics, automorphic forms.

Prof. Jake Solomon

02-6584187 / 02-6586867 as chair /
Ross 77 / Manchester House 15 - chair office

Area of Interest:
Differential geometry, Symplectic geometry and related aspects of physics.

Prof. Evgeny Strahov

Advisor for B.Sc. studies
Manchester House 313

Area of Interest:
Random matrix theory, Integrable systems.

Prof. Yakov Varshavsky

Ross 81
Area of Interest:
Algebraic and arithmetic geometry, Algebraic groups, Geometric aspects of Langlands's program.