Graduate student awards

19 August, 2021

Congratulations to our graduate students who were awarded prizes for excellence in the passing year.

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Ph.d students:
Perlman Prize - Eran Alouf
Zafriri Prize - Yoel Grinshpon
Springer Prize - Noam Kolodner

M. Sc. students:
Springer Prize - Simion Tarabykin
Tanenbaum Prize - Ori Segel
Kadmiel Prize - Ittai Haran
Outstanding contribution to the community and in teaching - Yael Via

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Dr. Or Hershkovits received an Allon Scholarship

3 June, 2021

Congratulation to Dr. Or Hershkovits who is a 2021 recipient of an Allon Scholarship.

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The Allon Scholarship of the Council for Higher Education in Israel supports outstanding young scientists and its purpose is to enable Israeli universities to hire the scholars full-time. 

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Furstenberg event April 2021

Prof. Furstenberg joined HUJI's "Wall of Nobels"

18 April, 2021

Prof. Hillel Furstenberg's picture was added to the Hebrew University "wall of Nobels".

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University administration representatives were joined by senior faculty from the Einstein Institute of Mathematics and family members for an "unveiling" ceremony where Prof. Hillel Furstenberg's picture was added to the Hebrew University's "Wall of Nobels".

Prof. Furstenberg, of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University, was chosen last year to receive the Abel Prize, together with Prof. Gregory Margolis from Yale University. The Abel Prize is awarded annually by the King of Norway in recognition of exceptional accomplishments in the field of mathematics and is widely recognized as the most prominent award in the field - on par with the Nobel Prize which has no category for mathematics.
Prof. Furstenberg and Prof. Margolis received the award for their groundbreaking research in the field of probability. The two researchers developed tools to investigate mathematical objects, such as groups and graphs, and in doing so introduced probabilistic methods to solve many open problems in group theory, number theory, combinatorics and graph theory.

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Dr. Lior Yanovski awarded the 2021 Nessyahu Prize for outstanding PhD

6 May, 2021

The recipient of the Haim Nessyahu Prize for outstanding PhD is Dr. Lior Yanovski, currently at the Max-Planck Institute in Bonn. Dr. Yanovski's dissertation was submitted to the Hebrew University, and included original and creative results in chromatic homotopy theory and infinity categories. His advisor was Prof. Tomer Schlank.

An HUJI Bites video in honour of Prof. Hillel Furstenberg 2020 Abel Prize laureate

5 May, 2021

On this episode of HUJI Bites, Prof. Tamar Ziegler, the Henry and Manya Noskwith Chair of Mathematics at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University – and a former Ph.D. student of Furstenberg’s - speaks with her former professor about his love for the field and why sometimes even the most difficult of problems are worth solving.