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Shaul Foguel

פרופ' שאול פוגל ז"ל

December 19, 2020
מכון איינשטיין למתמטיקה אבל על פטירתו של אחד מבכירי חוקרי ומורי המכון, פרופ' שאול פוגל ז"ל ומשתתף בצער המשפחה.

Preliminary Workshop to Mathematical Studies

September 6, 2020

From our experience many students struggle with their mathematical studies during the first semester. Some struggle because they don’t remember enough of the mathematics they learned in high school and some because the language of mathematics is foreign to them.

In order to resolve these difficulties we offer a “preliminary workshop to mathematical studies“.  We highly recommend prospective students to attend this worshop, more details here.

Abel in Jerusalem day

January 23, 2020

The Abel in Jerusalem day at Einstein Institute of mathematics took place on January 12, with excellent talks by C. Hacon, F. Labourie, U. Tillmann, C. Voisin.