Algebra & Group Theory

Algebra is about abstracting and formalizing the properties of everyday mathematical structures. As such it forms a language well-suited to the study of mathematical objects, and interacts with many other branches of mathematics such as topology, geometry, dynamics, number theory, combinatorics, logic, etc. Among the various algebraic structures, groups play a particularly central role since they describe the symmetries (or automorphisms) of any object or system. Group theory features prominently among our faculty members' interests, whether it be through the study of group representations, that of the geometric aspects of groups, or a focus on specific classes of groups such as finite, algebraic or Lie groups.

Faculty members in Algebra & Group Theoy:

  • Karim Adiprasito: Relations between combinatorics, algebra, topology and geometry.
  • Shai Evra: Graph theory, Number theory, Representation theory.
  • David Kazhdan (emeritus): Representation theory.
  • Alex Lubotzky: Group theory, Lie groups, Field arithmetic, Algebraic groups, Discrete subgroups of Lie groups, Combinatorics, Representation theory.
  • Avinoam Mann (emeritus): Algebra, Group theory, Finite groups, History of Mathematics.
  • Shahar Mozes: Lie groups, Discrete subgroups, Ergodic theory.
  • Ruth Lawrence-Naimark: Quantum Topology, Knot Theory, Quantum Groups, DGLAs.
  • Ori Parzanchevski: Group theory, Representation theory, Combinatorics.
  • Chloe Perin: Geometric group theory.
  • Boris Plotkin (emeritus): Algebra, Algebraic logic, Representations of groups.
  • Eliayu Rips (emeritus): Geometric and combinatorial methods in infinite group theory, Algebra.
  • Zlil Sela: Low dimensional topology, Group theory.
  • Aner Shalev: Algebra, Group theory, Lie algebras, Ring theory.