Mathematical analysis is concerned with understanding processes and change. As such it is more an approach than a particular field of study. The development of modern analysis is intimately connected to the evolution of the concept of function and so associated notions, such as limit, derivative, integral and measure occupy a central position in all related fields. These fields include partial differential equations, functional analysis, geometry, spectral theory, dynamical systems and probability.

Faculty members in Analysis:

  • Shmuel Agmon (emeritus): Partial Differential Equations.
  • Matania Ben-Artzi (emeritus): Applied mathematics, Mathematical physics, Partial differential equations.
  • Jonathan Breuer: Analysis and mathematical physics, Spectral theory.
  • Shaul Fogel (emeritus): Functional analysis, Markov operators.
  • Yoel Groman: Symplectic geometry, differential geometry and mathematical physics.
  • Or Hershkovits: Geometric analysis.
  • Mike Hochman: Dynamical system theory, Ergodic theory, Topological dynamics, Symbolic dynamics, Fractal geometry.
  • Raz Kupferman: Analysis, geometry and their applications in physics and material science; variational calculus; numerical analysis.
  • Yoram Last: Mathematical physics, Spectral and dynamical problems of quantum mechanics.
  • Genadi Levin: Low-dimensional dynamics, Complex dynamics, Non-linear phenomena, Complex analysis.
  • Dan Mangoubi: Spectral Geometry, Geometry of Eigenfunctions, Harmonic functions - continuous and discrete, Analysis & PDEs.
  • Cy Maor: Calculus of variations, differential geometry, applications to mechanics, materials science and spaces of mappings.
  • Ohad Noy Feldheim: Probability Theory , Combinatorics and Mathematical Physics.
  • Jake Solomon: Differential geometry, Symplectic geometry and related aspects of physics.
  • Evgeny Strahov: Random matrix theory, Integrable systems.
  • Andrzej Szankowski (emeritus): Functional analysis, Banach space theory.
  • Mordecay Zippin (emeritus): Functional analysis, Structure of Banach spaces.