Geometric flows and mathematical general relativity

Due to the Omicron outbreak, the Gordon lectures of Prof. Huisken were deferred to some point in the future. The updated details of Prof. Huisken's visit will appear here in the near future.


Over the span of the three consecutive Thursdays of the 27th of January 2022, the 3ed of February 2022 and the 10th of February 2022, Prof. Gerhard Huisken will be giving the Gordon lectures at the Einstein institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the topic of geometric flows and mathematical general relativity. Surrounding his talks, there will be three mini one-day workshops, about the general theme of geometric analysis, differential geometry and mathematical general relativity.

All talks will take place in Lecture hall 2 of the Manchester building at the Edmond Safra campus of the Hebrew university.

A preliminary rough schedule for these days is:



12 PM: Boaz Klartag (Weizmann Institute).

2:30 PM: The first Gordon Lecture - Gerhard Huisken (MFO and Tubingen)

4 PM: Gilbert Weinstein (Ariel University).



12 PM: Amy Novick-Cohen (Technion)

2:30 PM: The second Gordon Lecture - Gerhard Huisken (MFO and Tubingen)

4 PM: Thomas Körber (University of Vienna)



2:30 PM: The third Gordon Lecture - Gerhard Huisken (MFO and Tubingen)

4 PM: Leonardo Senatore (ETH Zurich physics)

5:30PM: Stephen Lynch (Tubingen)


A more detailed program will be published in the near future.


If you are interested in visiting (locally or internationally) and are interested in support, or if you wish to actively participate in the program surrounding Prof. Huisken’s visit, please contact Or Hershkovits (