Dvoretzky Lectures

The Annual lecture series in memory of Prof. Aryeh Dvoretzky, established in 2010, is a distinguished lecture series consisting of two lectures on a central topic in mathematics, the first is encouraged to be accessible to the university scientific community at large while the second may be more specialized.

Recordings of previous lectures (youtube)


Prof. Aryeh Dvoretzky was one of the founding fathers of the Einstein Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Hebrew University in 1941, under the supervision of Michael Fekete, appointed Professor of Mathematics at the Hebrew University in 1951 and was first alumnus to obtain a full professor position in the university.


Dvoretzky was a leading analyst and probabilist contributing to Geometric functional analysis, mathematical statistics, probability theory, game theory and High-dimensional convex geometry. He was Dean of the Faculty of Sciences (1955) and Vice President of the Hebrew University (1959) and founder and first director of the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Hebrew University. He was one of the founding members of the Israeli Academy of Sciences, served as president of The Weizmann Institute of Sciences and as chief scientist for the Ministry of Defense. For his many achievements, he received the Israel Prize for Exact Sciences in 1973.

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