Joram Seminar

The Joram Seminar, in memoriam of Prof. Joram Lindenstrauss, is a bi-yearly learning seminar intended to present a recently developing mathematical subject at a technical level, to the wider mathematical community, with an emphasis on younger mathematicians.

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Prof. Joram Lindenstrauss studied all of his degrees at the Hebrew University, receiving Ph.D. in 1962. After spending three years at Yale University and the University of Washington, he returned to the Einstein Institute of Mathematics. He was recognized as an authority in the area of functional analysis, publishing many papers and educating many students. He retired in 2005, and passed away in 2012. 


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Previous Lectures

2021 Totally geodesic subspaces and arithemeticity phenomena in hyperbolic manifolds

2019 Decoupling and harmonic analysis

2017 Discrete holomorphicity in planar statistical physics

2016 Ricci flows, and its applications to Poincare conjecture and Geometrization

2014 Learning seminar on small gaps between primes