Zabrodsky Lectures

The Alexander Zabrodsky Memorial Lectures, is a distinguished lecture series, established in 1997, which review recent developments in the fields of geometry and topology. 

Recordings of previous lectures (youtube)

Prof. Alexander Zabrodsky's research, starting with his 1967 thesis at Princeton University, was centered in the area of algebraic topology. He joined the Einstein Institute of Mathematics in 1970, and continued research in this field until meeting his death on November 20th, 1986, in an automobile accident.

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-Alex Zabrodsky, Barcelona, 1986 /
Hopf Topology Archive


Previous Speakers

2021-2022 Kenji Fukaya (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics) 
Instanton Floer homology

2019-2020 Paul Seidel (MIT) 
The symplectic topologist

2018-2019 Rahul Pandharipande (ETH Zurich) 
Moduli spaces of curves

2017-2018 Camillo De Lellis (Universität Zürich) 
Regularity of area minimizing currents

2016-2017 Dan Freed (University of Texas at Austin) 
Topology and algebraic geometry

2015-2016 Peter Ozsváth (Princeton) 
Knot Floer homology

2014-2015 Boris Dubrovin (SISSA) 
Integrable systems

2013-2014 Steve Zelditch (Northwestern University) 
Shapes and sizes of eigenfunctions

2010-2011 Ieke Moerdijk (Utrecht University, Holland) 
To what extent are Lie groupoids like Lie groups?

2009-2010 Andrei Okounkov (Princeton) 
Noncommutative geometry in applied math

2008-2009 David Gabai (Princeton) 
Topology vs. geometry: volumes of hyperbolic 3-manifolds

2007-2008 Andrey Todorov (UC Santa Cruz) 
Discriminants and regularized determinants on the moduli space of CY manifolds

2006-2007 Joel Hass (University of California at Davis) 
Recognising the unknot

2005-2006 Birge Huisgen-Zimmermann (University of California at Santa Barbara) 
Geometric aspects of the representation theory of finite dimensional algebras

2004-2005 John Morgan (Columbia University) 
Ricci Flow and three-dimensional manifolds

2003-2004 Enrico Arbarello (Rome) 
Riemann Surfaces and Their Moduli

2002-2003 Andrew Casson (Yale) 
Three-Dimensional Topology: computable or not?

2001-2002 Louis Kauffman (University of Illinois at Chicago) 
Virtual Knot Theory

2000-2001 Shmuel Weinberger (Jerusalem/University of Chicago) 
Computation and Riemannian moduli

1998-1999 Mladen Bestvina (University of Utah)
Curvature and Groups

1997-1998 Robert Oliver (Paris-Nord) 
Elementary Approach to Induction of Representations