Erdős Lectures

The Paul Erdős Lectures Series in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science is a distinguished lecture series established in 1998. The series brings an outstanding mathematician or computer scientist in springtime to provide three lectures on subjects in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science.


Paul Erdős was a Hungarian Jewish mathematician, born in Budapest in 1913. He studied at the University of Budapest from the age of 17 and was awarded his Ph. D in 1924 under the supervision of Prof Lipót Fejér, studying arithmetic progressions of prime number. Erdős was most prolific publishers of papers in mathematical history, well known for his extensive collaborations, writing papers with more than 500 co-authors. Made fundamental contributions to Ramsey theory, the probabilistic method, extremal combinatorics and analytic number theory, and significant contributions to many other fields ranging from analysis to topology.

In 1938 Erdős got a position in Princeton University, but was not tenured due to his unconventional conduct. In 1954 during the McCarthyism era, Erdős moved to Israel, first taking a temporary position in the Einstein Institute at the Hebrew University, and after three months obtaining a permanent visiting professorship at the Technion, while constantly traveling between universities and scholars throughout the world. In 1977 Erdős established the Anna and Lajos Erdős Prize in Mathematics given to an Israeli mathematician under 40, by the Israeli mathematical union to commemorate his parents. 



Previous Speakers
2022 Shachar Lovett (UC San Diego) Details
2018 Igor Pak (UCLA) Details
2017 Jozsef Solymosi (UBC) Details
2016 June Huh (IAS & Princeton) Details
2015 Subhash Khot (NYU) Details
2014 Daniel Spielman (Yale University) Details
2013 Michael Saks (Rutgers University) Details
2012 Luca Trevisan (Stanford) Details
2011 Günter M. Ziegler (Freie Universität Berlin) Details
2010 Éva Tardos (Cornell University) Details
2008 Henry Cohn (Microsoft Research) Details
2007 Van H. Vu (Rutgers University) Details
2006 Jozsef Beck (Rutgers) Details
2005 Endre Szemerédi Details
2004 János Pach & Joel Spencer (Courant Institute, N.Y.U.) Details
2003 Imre Bárány (Alfréd Rényi Mathematical Institute) Details
2003 Maria Chudnovsky (Princeton) Details
2002 Madhu Sudan (MIT) Details
2001 Joel Spencer (NYU) Details
1999 Johan Hastad (The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden) Details
1999 Richard Stanley (M.I.T.) Details
1998 Jeff Kahn (Rutgers) Details
1998 Alexander Razborov (Steklov Mathematics Institute, Moscow) Details