2018 Jan 23

Dynamics Lunch: Naomi Feldheim (Weizmann) "How to compute the expected number of zeroes of a random function"

12:00pm to 1:00pm


Manchester building lobby

This talk is devoted to the "Kac-Rice formula", which is an explicit way to compute
the expected number of zeroes of a random series with independent Gaussian coefficients.
We will discuss the original proofs of Kac and Rice (1940's),
an elegant geometrical proof due to Edelman and Kostlan (1995), some interesting examples,
and extensions to complex zeroes and eigenvalues of random matrices.
2017 Apr 27

Basic notions: Raz Kupferman

4:00pm to 5:15pm

The “geometrization" of mechanics (whether classical, relativistic or quantum) is almost as old as modern differential geometry, and it nowadays textbook material.
2017 Mar 02

Basic Notions: Ori Gurel Gurevich (HUJI) - On Smirnov's proof of conformal invariance of critical percolation

4:00pm to 5:00pm


Manchester Building, Lecture Hall 2

Let G be an infinite connected graph. For each vertex of G we decide
randomly and independently: with probability p we paint it blue and
with probability 1-p we paint it yellow. Now, consider the subgraph of
blue vertices: does it contain an infinite connected component?

There is a critical probability p_c(G), such that if p>p_c then almost
surely there is a blue infinite connected component and if pp_c or p<p_c.

We will focus on planar graphs, specifically on the triangular
2018 Jan 11

Basic Notions: Michael Hopkins (Harvard) - Homotopy theory and algebraic vector bundles

4:00pm to 5:15pm


Einstein 2
Abstract: This talk will describe joint work with Aravind Asok
and Jean Fasel using the methods of homotopy theory to construct new
examples of
algebraic vector bundles. I will describe a natural conjecture
which, if
true, implies that over the complex numbers the classification
of algebraic
vector bundles over smooth affine varieties admitting an
algebraic cell
decomposition coincides with the classification of topological
complex vector bundles.